Guinomi Sake Cup SAMURAI and NINJA pair
Guinomi Sake Cup SAMURAI version
Guinomi Sake Cup NINJA version
Guinomi Sake Cup Packaging
Guinomi Sake Cup Tatara Process 1
Guinomi Sake Cup Tatara Process 2
Guinomi Sake Cup Tatara Process 3
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GUINOMI Sake Cup (Pair Set)

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Introducing the GUINOMI Sake Cup, a masterpiece crafted using the traditional Japanese Tatara iron processing technique. This limited edition cup embodies centuries of Japanese craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of history and quality to sake enthusiasts.

Key Features
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Crafted using the ancient Tatara iron processing method, utilizing sustainable iron sand and charcoal.
  • Heritage: The Tanabe family, with over 500 years of history in producing tamahagane for Japanese Katanas, applies the same meticulous techniques to create the GUINOMI.
  • Unique Material: Made from Shinkatetsu, mirroring the strength and beauty of a Katana, and finished with a polished surface for a refined look.
  • Enhanced Taste: The cup's design, with a polished top half and thinner mouthpiece, sharpens and enriches the sake's flavor.
  • Cold Retention: Excellent for keeping sake, whiskey, and other alcohols chilled, enhancing the drinking experience.
  • Limited Edition: Features engravings of the Kanji characters for Samurai (侍) and Ninja (忍), in collaboration with SAMURAI VS NINJA.
  • Versatile Purchase Options: Available individually or as a set of two, with special packaging options for gifting.

Secure your piece of this exclusive collection, a testament to the art of Japanese sake serving, only available for a limited time.

  • Height: 1.37in (35mm)
  • Width/Diameter: 1.65in (42mm)
  • Weight: 0.75lb (340g)
*GUINOMI: A type of sake cup. It is said to have originated from the Japanese sayings "gulp and swallow" (Romaji: gui to nomu) and "gulp and drink” (Romaji: gui to motte nomu).